About Me Page - Nikki Tink Designs

I love memories and I believe that reliving those special moments are important. I have made this site to share my life through the pictures I have taken. Being able to share my magical memories is an important part of my life and brings happiness to me and hopefully to all that come here. I have a passion for creativity through imagery. Bringing the memories of my book of life into an effervescent, enchanting, and beautiful experience makes me complete. May all your days be filled with love, hugs, and pixie dust…

Forever-Always, Nikki Mazza Shubert

Things I can help you with:

I enjoy helping people get their photos organized. This is by starting from scratch with getting hard copy photos scanned and digitally saved.

I am always ready to take photos and videos of small events. 

Need a memory video made with your digital files, I am your girl!

I love to hand make greeting cards too! I have made some very special cards for people throughout the years. 

Please E-mail me with any questions to see if I can help you make your memories magical:


My Facebook Messenger is always available for you to contact me as well: